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We want to know how a state-of-the-art library could serve you best. Stay connected to this site for updates and results from public outreach efforts.

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We want to hear from you.

The Omaha community is working together to develop a community-driven, citywide 2023 Library Facilities Plan. Take this short survey by May 1st to help determine the vision for your neighborhood branch, your community, and Omaha’s library system.

Looking for more opportunities to get involved? Head over to or (Spanish) for Library Facilities Plan FAQs and information on in-person library activities and upcoming community events.

Watch our schematic design presentation.

On Monday, June 6, the partners on the potential central public library project hosted a community share out event to present on project process and progress, including how community and staff input has informed library spaces. The presentation included new exterior and interior building renderings, a walk-through of floorplans and a discussion of next steps for the project. 

Review our community engagement findings.

A key step in the potential central public library’s schematic design and engagement phase was to gain input from the Omaha community, including collecting over 1,600 responses to a community survey, connecting with leaders representing nearly 100 diverse community organizations and hosting a public open house at Omaha Public Library’s A.V. Sorensen Branch.

Read the community engagement findings that have been used to create a shared vision and inspiring building designs. 

Read the summary
from the initial inquiry. 

We received more than 50 responses to the initial inquiry. The overall sentiment reinforced our belief that in Omaha, our libraries are the backbone of our city and are beloved for the impact they make every day. 

Community members also shared thoughtful questions related to the selection of 72nd and Dodge, the accessibility of public transportation and the level of collaboration between project partners. For answers to these questions and more, please visit our FAQ page

The project team is using these responses to inform the direction of the potential new central public library.

“I want the library to serve as a hub of learning. I want the library to feel like it exists for everyone. That people feel like it is THEIR library. I want the services to go beyond books, and have it be an inclusive landing place for individuals.”

– Elizabeth P. 

“I want to walk in and feel welcomed and comfortable. There should be space to view surroundings, calmness and serenity inspired by the decor.”

– Mary Jo H.

“Provide innovative ways to bring people together from different parts of the city, different educational and economic levels, and different cultural backgrounds.”

– Carl E.

“Inspired! I want books, technology and art in our library enfolded inside a magnificent architectural space. Please, give Omaha something inspiring. A gleaming Cathedral of learning.”

– Kevin P. 

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