Let's Dream Big

Let’s dream of what a world-class central public library might look like, of what it might mean for the future of Omaha, and for each of us.

Modern public libraries contain all the things everyone loves about traditional libraries, and they offer more – like greater access to technology, services and creative spaces. The public libraries of today buzz with activity and potential. What does Omaha need from public libraries tomorrow and well into the future?

Let’s get inspired. Let’s dream of a central public library that is accessible, inclusive and, most of all, transforms our city.

We want to hear from you.

The Omaha community is working together to develop a community-driven, citywide 2023 Library Facilities Plan. Take this short survey by May 1st to help determine the vision for your neighborhood branch, your community, and Omaha’s library system.

Looking for more opportunities to get involved? Head over to OPLSurvey.org or OPLEncuesta.org (Spanish) for Library Facility Plan FAQs and information on in-person library activities and upcoming community events.

Review our community engagement findings.

Through engagement with project partners, community partners and the Omaha community at large, the design team learned much about how committed our community is to leveraging a new central public library to meet community needs and to exponentially expand the reach of local community organizations through intentional partnerships with the library.

The design team is committed to crafting a design that leads to a variety of flexible, adaptable public spaces, for the present and future.

“In today’s world, libraries must work more intentionally to level the playing field so that anyone can enter the knowledge economy. Access to technology and lifelong learning must be abundant to help people become skilled at knowledge creation, not just exist as consumers of information.”

Let’s be the authors of our future.

In the story of Omaha, this is a milestone. We have the opportunity to be transformative. If this project moves forward, a new central public library will impact our community through its programs, collections and technology. It will provide much-needed space for people to gather, share, learn and grow.

The design team has been studying the most innovative libraries from around the world to inform their thinking and designs. Read about how they are bringing these global ideas to Omaha.

Let’s continue to learn, together.

Libraries are proof that we always have more to learn. As this project develops with continued research, due diligence, public outreach, library staff input and more, we’ll keep you updated.

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Our community’s perspective matters. Learn more about the input gathered.

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These organizations are working together to explore the possibilities of what a world-class central public library could bring to Omaha.

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